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All our tours are designed by Russian Kokonut Team and can be customised to meet you timelines and special requirements. We always work with expert local guides and want you to see more than you would normally see from a tourist bus.

All our tours include real life hands-on experiences, such as tastings, meetings with the local people and guided walks or hikes where you can feel the real pace and atmosphere of the place you are visiting.


The Best of Trans-Siberian


May 10 – 20 / August 2 – 11, 2019

from $2999

This tour will show you how vast and diverse Russia is. Mosques, Russian Orthodox Churches, Buddhist Temples & Burkhanist Cairns… Chak-Chak, Pelmeni, Smoked Omul & Buuz…

Great rivers, rolling steppe, thick woods & deep canyons… Modern towers, XIXth century merchant houses, log cabins & felt yurts…

Russia has it all. In this tour we focus not so much crossing the country by train, but on the unique and exciting experiences that you may find on your way.

Flavors of the South


May 1 – 8, 2019

from $1599

We invite you to visit the region that usually stays off the bucket list of most visitors to Russia. Some people might have heard it mentioned in connection with the Sochi 2014 Olympics, but still hardly know whereabouts of Kuban’ and the Krasnodar Region. Yet, this is where many Russians go for scenic views, excellent food and genuine hospitality.  

The local economy is growing and for several years the Russian Forbes Magazine named Krasnodar the best city for business in Russia. TripAdvisor called Sochi the 3rd top destination in Russia in 2017. So come and see for yourself.

This is a tour for those who love life and adventure, and we hope you are one of them!

Tales of the North


October 2 – 8 / November 4 – 10, 2019

from $1499

This tour will take you round the northwestern part of Russia. You will visit its three most important cities: St.Petersburg, Petrozavodsk and Murmansk and see the peaceful beauty of the northern landscape.

You will admire the sparkling fountains of Peterhof and iridiscent Aurora Borealis over the Kola Peninsular. This tour is best taken early in the autumn, when the colors are still bright, the weather is not too cold, and it is dark enough at night to see the Northern Lights.